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The financial coal trading business has surged while the global coal industry plummeted into crisis. We estimate financial coal trading volumes in the main markets jumped by 44% on the year in 2015 to a record high above 5,300 Mt.

This 101 page report covers the global coal market context of European trading, market fundamentals inside Europe, the emissions policy factor, physical and financial trading market characteristics, trading volumes, key players, the rise of clearing, and more. It is based on wide-ranging research and interviews with leading players in all of the major European markets. Market and industry indicators are also illustrated in 33 charts and 19 tables.

The report is structured as follows:

Chapter 1 – The Global Context


This chapter reviews the global coal market context of European trading.It begins with a brief review of coal types. Next the top global consumption, production and seaborne trade markets are ranked. An analysis of the immense surge in global demand since 2000, geographic shifts in the market, and the coal market’s recent downturn follows. The chapter concludes with detailed price coverage. It reviews the price plunges since 2011, high volatility over the long term, regional hub trends, and bearish stakeholder views.


Chapter 2 – European Coal Market Characteristics

This chapter illustrates European coal market fundamentals. A market overview presents consumption volume trends, key coal sources, and EU country rankings for both hard coal and lignite. A profile of the thermal coal import markets covering volumes by country and major external suppliers follows. The next section details the role of coal in power generation and the major coal-fired generators. The chapter concludes with a long term review of EU emissions policy, a crucial factor for the coal market.

Chapter 3 – The Physical Trading Market

This chapter reviews the European physical trading market. It begins with the historical rise of trading, covering market drivers which are still to the fore today. Crucial wholesale trading price indices are assessed next.An analysis of liquidity trends follows. Next leading brokers and traders are profiled. The chapter concludes with a review of globalCOAL, a key OTC trading marketplace

Chapter 4 – The Financial Trading Market

This chapter profiles the financial coal trading market. It begins with a summary of the main trading products and a review of market analysis factors. A portrait of long term market volume and value trends follows. It covers both the broad market and regional trading hubs. The rise of OTC clearing, product and trading horizon trends, and key volume drivers are covered next. Leading brokers and trading players are also assessed. The chapter concludes with coal trading churn factor analysis, including comparisons with other European energy trading markets.

Chapter 5 – Clearing House Trends

This chapter presents a detailed review of the OTC clearing sector. It begins with coverage of long term volume trends by market and product up to 2015. Clearing house initiatives and volume records are profiled next. The chapter concludes with an analysis of the key drivers of success in the clearing business.


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