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Our consulting services can help you in business development, strategic planning, regulatory work, and more.

Customised analysis

We provide tailored reports on European energy trading markets, from “big picture” reviews to detailed
work on specific business segments. For example, some clients need information on broad trading market trends over the very long term, while others
require a close focus on selected shorter term developments.

Monitoring national energy markets in Europe

We research and analyse topics such as policies, fundamental factors, and players on a one-off or ongoing basis. Our key markets are Germany, France,
the UK, Iberia, Italy, the Nordic region, and the Netherlands.

Support for consulting projects

Some clients value an independent and experienced contribution to challenging consulting assignments, especially when resources are stretched and
deadlines are tight. We work on or off site on short or long term assignments.

Contract writing

Companies need accurate, concise and sometimes hard-hitting written analyses for white papers, internal planning, and business development. We
can help to ensure your key messages are presented clearly.

For further information please contact us on the web or call us on +44 (0) 20 3239 9905


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