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European Energy Exchange Markets

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The cleared western European power, gas, coal and emissions markets are all growing in volume terms.

The coal trading market is the volume star, surging by 46% in the first half of 2016. Power trading followed with a jump of 36%, while gas trading saw volumes rise by 24%. In the emissions market the growth rate was comparatively modest at 5%.

This 50 report reviews trading volume trends, market structures, and exchange market shares in the cleared western European markets for power, natural gas, coal and emissions.

The opening Trading Trends chapter presents an overview of developments in all four markets in the first half of 2016. Total volumes, market values, growth rates, variations in market structure, and broad market shares are all covered. The chapter concludes with an analysis of key drivers and the scope for further growth.

The following chapters provide detailed profiles of the power, gas, coal and emissions markets. OTC clearing and forward exchange contract volume and value trends are assessed in all markets. Rivalry between exchanges and market share trends are also covered. Spot markets are reviewed as well in both power and gas

The report concludes with coverage of exchange acquisitions and investors, including a full listing of exchange shareholders as of September 2016

The markets are also profiled and illustrated with 17 tables and 27 charts.

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